Volunteering at Begawan Foundation will give you first-hand experience of being a part of our conservation efforts to bring critically endangered Indonesian species back from the brink of extinction. At the Breeding and Release Centre, volunteers help our Bird Keepers with daily animal husbandry and cleaning tasks, and with food preparation and feeding, conducted twice daily for our Bali Starlings, Lorikeets and other species. If you are lucky enough to be present during breeding season, you may help to assist staff feeding any orphaned chicks in the incubator. You will also assist staff to collect nest material around the centre to be placed in the breeding pairs' enclosures and help staff construct nest boxes.

We actively encourage volunteers to help our Breeding and Release Centre staff with monitoring of our wild born and released birds. We use the monitoring data to gain more information on the behaviour of Bali Starlings in the wild, which will allow the Foundation to publish their findings in relevant scientific publications and local and international media. 

Begawan Foundation has an active education program in the local elementary and middle schools and offers after-school activities for Bali Starling Eco-Warriors at our own Learning Centre. The Learning Centre assists students with both literacy and numeracy, using games and fun activities in this learning process. The Centre also has a large airy space for additional activities such as wet art and craft, its own kitchen so that students are able to learn to cook as well as apply their Mathematics skills in cooking (measuring, weighing, etc.). It is also strategically placed adjacent to a permaculture garden, a place for students to learn basic principles and enjoy gardening. There are also extra-curricular classes such as Balinese dance and Karate. You may be asked to assist with the preparation and delivery of lessons and student activities. Our motto for our education program is "Learning by Doing" so volunteers can be involved in the interactive learning activities. Our education program aims to give the students a greater understanding and pride in their island's icon, the Bali Starling. The Eco-Warriors program gives the students another opportunity to learn about conservation in a fun out-of-school hours program. If you have skills such as animal husbandry, education, marketing, fundraising, graphic design or experience in a profession which can add value to our current programs, please contact the email admin@begawanfoundation.com.

Interested volunteers may also apply through Bali Internships.  



"Alongside assisting with marketing, we also helped to create props and decorations for the student performances, and to spring-clean the Learning Centre. We also had the opportunity to assist with the cricket breeding boxes and helped prepare the wall of the learning centre in order to make it more colorful! We decided to involve the Eco-Warriors for the activity and have prepared a Bali Starling stencil and a “We love Bali Starling” stencil so that the students will be able to paint."


Hong Kong

"By volunteering with Begawan Foundation, we undertook real-life experiences that demonstrate when students are given opportunities, they are more involved in conservation efforts. We see how the students always arrive early before the activities and try their best to find the answers and learn during the process. Another interesting observation we had was that the decoration for the Drama Musical was from the environment, using flowers."


Hong Kong

"We enjoyed observing Bali’s wildlife during our time here, and we discovered a lot of new species! (Nicholas) I am a Lepidepterist, and I am amazed at all the different colourful butterflies in the village. We also became aware how significant it is for community and conservation to work together."

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