Administrative Office

Danardianingtyas Nitya Swastika, S.Ant.

Conservation and Education Administrative Officer


Danardianingtyas Nitya Swastika, known to us all as Nitya, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Prior to joining Begawan Foundation, she worked as a project and media officer for two years at a research center in Yogyakarta, focusing on social studies and Southeast Asia. During her studies and work, she has undertaken several research projects on youth and children, women's health, migration, and agroecosystems. She has an interest in gender, environment, society, and cultural issues. Since joining Begawan Foundation, she has taken on the role to assist in the conservation and education programs, at the same time creating content through the foundation's social media platforms.

I Gede Udiyana Anandam, S.Ds., ACA

Graphic Designer 

I Gede Udiyan Anandam, whom we call Udit, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from Institut Desain dan Bisnis Bali, Denpasar. Prior to joining Begawan Foundation, he undertook an internship at a boutique resort in Ubud, Bali as a marketing graphic designer. He also worked on various photography, videography, and graphic design projects. Udit assists in the development of visual media at the foundation, applying his passion and potential for the benefit of both the community and the foundation. His skills in photography, videography and computer have given him new opportunities to work with the foundation’s students, giving them the tools to develop their own creative skills.


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