Community Awareness

Community involvement is paramount to protect Begawan Foundation's released and wild Bali Starlings. In April 2016, we conducted community socialisation and education for employees of PT Bamboo and Big Tree Farms chocolate factory. Our community socialisation program also involved giving interactive powerpoint presentations to Young Banjar Leaders in several districts in Sibang Kaja to give them the knowledge of the importance of the Bali Starling to Bali and their community. 

Conservation, however, requires more than just protecting the one species. Begawan Foundation takes a holistic approach with the goal to show how protection of the environment involves taking care of both flora and fauna to support a balanced ecosystem. Unfortunately, plastic waste is still an enormous problem in Bali, and during the wet season, the waste flushed down to the rivers will find its way to coast, with the beaches and the ocean inundated with waste, most of which is plastic. The scene of rubbish filled beaches has made headlines worldwide, and is indeed bad for the tourism industry upon which 40% of Balinese rely. Our Eco Warriors take great delight in going out on excursions to clear up rubbish, and it has become almost an automatic response when seeing rubbish polluting an area!

Since the move to Meilinggih Kelod in 2017, the foundation’s relationship with the local community has become very strong. Presentations to the women’s groups in all banjars have given parents the chance to see how their children can participate in our after-school programs on a daily basis. The emphasis on literacy and numeracy has come about because of parental concerns about their children’s ability to succeed in these two important areas. Student performances, held twice a year in the Learning Centre, give opportunities not only for students to showcase their activities but for family members to see how their children are developing increasing skills and confidence in a variety of areas.

Begawan Foundation’s Bali Starling foster breeding program running in partnership with Melinggih Kelod village is another example of community involvement. This program with the local village gives interested bird breeders the opportunity to be a part of the conservation effort, bringing awareness to the older members of the community. 18 chicks have successfully fledged since the commencement of this program.



Both the Breeding and Release Centre and the Learning Centre rely on donations to assist in the running of activities.


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