Ni Luh Ariani



Ni Luh Ariani has been with the Begawan Group for fourteen years. Due to her dedication and loyalty, she has passed through the ranks and she is now responsible for the overall management of Begawan Foundation’s Bali Starling Breeding and Release Site in Melinggih Kelod, Gianyar, Bali. As a member of the Melinggih Kelod community, her assistance with the Madhusuara Breeders Group and the local community is invaluable. She has been an exemplary role model for Begawan Foundation’s motto, Learning by Doing.



Ni Putu Natalya, S.Psi.

Senior Education Officer


Ni Putu Natalya, known to us all as Zeni graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Universitas Udayana. After graduation, she undertook several courses to develop her skills in youth counselling and human behavior. She worked for more than six years in community development and engagement to develop young people, adults, and prisoners. Passionate about counselling, community development, and mindfulness-based education, her goal is to enhance the quality of life and environmental protection, working with children, adolescents and adults. As Senior Education Officer, Zeni is responsible to develop Begawan Foundation’s Educational Manual to incorporate all thematic curriculum, daily teaching methodology and extra activities.  

Ketut Desy Pramita, S.Psi.

Education Officer


Ketut Desy Pramita graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Universitas Indonesia. Prior to joining the Begawan Foundation, she worked for three years in empowering women and children survivors of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in Jakarta. During that time, she was trained as a counsellor to provide psychoeducation and psychosocial support, especially on issues related to women and children. She’s passionate about children and youth counselling, community development, and education. In her role as education officer, Desy is assisting to create modules and materials for the theme based curriculum, as well as teaching on a daily basis.

drh. I Made Sugiarta


I Made Sugiarta, our veterinarian, regularly checks the health condition of the birds, advises on release strategies, and conducts monitoring. He has diverse experiences, among which are Veterinarian at Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, Tanjung Puting National Park Kalimantan, Manager at Nusa Penida Sanctuary for Bali Starlings in 2004-2008, Environmental Education Program Awareness Officer at Nusa Penida, Veterinarian and Coordinator at BAWA Foundation, Head of Animal Health and Vet at Bali Zoo, and he conducted "Awig Awig" socialization in Nusa Penida in order to protect birds in Nusa Penida. Aside from being Veterinarian at the Foundation, he provides training on Bali Starling conservation topics to staff and the local community as well as giving advice for our Conservation program. Made has been responsible to select the pairs chosen to be released in 2021, and created the required strategies for successful release and monitoring.

I Kadek Sanjaya Winangun

Bird Keeper

I Kadek Sanjaya Winagun, from the local community of Banjar Pengaji, Melinggih Kelod, works at Begawan Foundation's Breeding and Release Centre as its bird keeper. He is responsible for feeding he birds, maintenance of the site, its cleanliness and hygiene. Working at the foundation has provided him with new conservation perspectives. He takes delight in successful pairings and the births of birds, and has created a number of new pairs that are now breeding in captivity. He is a knowledgeable bird watcher, once a bird collector, now using his skills to identify birds in the wild and to monitor the free flying pairs released in 2021 in Melinggih Kelod.

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