Dr Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE

Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE, is a world-renowned primatologist and conservationist, UN Messenger of Peace and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. She began her extensive research on the behaviour of chimpanzees in the 1960s, where her findings fundamentally altered scientific thinking about the relationship between humans and animals. Her work has then become the foundation of future primatological research. In 1977, Dr. Jane Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute and there are now 28 Jane Goodall Institutes and Roots & Shoots programmes in more than 130 countries around the world. 

The Gombe research is still ongoing after nearly 55 years and JGI leads the global effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. TACARE is JGI’s innovative, community-centred conservation and development program in Africa and involves projects such as micro-credit, reforestation, women’s health care and education. Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots program began in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1991 with 12 high school students. Today Roots & Shoots has grown into a global environmental and humanitarian youth program, involving young people of all ages in more than 130 countries around the world. 

Author of many books for both adults and children, Goodall has contributed to countless documentaries, and served as a National Geographic explorer-in residence. Jane Goodall has received more than 50 honorary degrees and been honoured by governments, non-profits, universities and professional organisations, including a medal from UNESCO, the French Legion of Honor and in 2004 HRH Prince Charles appointed Jane as a Dame of the British Empire in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan appointed her as a United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2002 and in 2007 she was reappointed by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 

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Cokorda Ngurah Suyadnya

Royal Family, Ubud

Cokorda Ngurah Suyadnya, Ubud Royal Family member, has agreed to be one of the patrons of Begawan Foundation. Cokorda Ngurah Suyadnya was born in Ubud on September 17th 1967. He has had an interest in birds for a long time, and he has many at his residence; his other interests are fish and target-shooting. Cok Wah is someone who people respect. He is not only busy with his own life, but also takes the time for his people who ask for his opinion or want to share their problems. Cok Wah is concerned about Balinese culture, i.e. tradition, dance, art, and therefore he supports these activities both in time and financially.Prior to his current position, Cok Wah was a Member of the House of Representatives for Gianyar from 2004 to 2009. Now he heads several organisations: Pecalang (Balinese traditional guards maintain village security and manage traffic flow during religious and customary ceremonies) Ubud – Bale Agung since 2005,  the Indonesia Shooter Association Gianyar since 2009, Bina Wisata Foundation Ubud since 2013, Committee of SMPN (Public Junior High School) 1 Gianyar since 2014, Committee of SD (Elementary School) Sutha Darma Ubud since 2012 and also acts as Advisor of PHRI (Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association) Gianyar.
Begawan Foundation looks forward to work together with Cok Wah to save Bali Starlings and bring them back to the wild.



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