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Title Source Date
1 million species facing extinction: UN reportThe Straits Times7/7/2019
Despite Thousands in Captivity, This Rare Songbird Is Going ExtinctNational Geographic9/9/2018
Eight bird species are first confirmed avian extinctions this decadeThe Guardian04/09/2018
Over half of Hawaiian forest birds are endangered or threatenedEarth.com27/6/2018
Lost at Sea: Why the Birds You Don’t See Are Fading AwayNational Geographic26/6/2018
Save the kiwi: New Zealand rallies to protect its iconic birdThe Guardian1/6/2018
Conservation project announced for Javan hawk-eagleThe Jakarta Post3/5/2018
Even familiar birds at risk of extinction, new study findsBirdLife International23/4/2018
Cockatoo stripped of its feathers as Cyclone Debbie hits Airlie
Illegal Pet Trade Threatens 13 Indonesian Birds with ExtinctionScientific American25/4/2016
Singapore’s Wild Bird Trade Raises Troubling Questions About African Grey ParrotsTRAFFIC 18/4/2016
Will we soon see another wave of bird extinctions in the Americas?The Conversation 08/04/2016
Chinese Demand for Ivory Alternative Threatens Rare Hornbill BirdThe New York Times 22/03/2016
Facebook wildlife trade prompts fears among environmentalistsBBC 03/03/2016
3D-printed titanium beak gives Brazilian macaw Gigi chance to crunch food for first timeABC 25/02/2016
Even This Incredibly Elusive Bird Isnpetikt Safe from TraffickersNational Geographic 25/02/2016
What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD?The New York Times 28/01/2016
How the International Trade in Geckos is a ScamNational Geographic 06/01/2016
Jokowi releases birdsJakarta Post 03/01/2016
Inside The Exotic Animal TradePETA 2016
Which animal is the deadliest hunter on the planet?BBC22/12/2015
Malaysian businessmen smuggled orangutan skulls, bird beaks, into U.S., Portland prosecutors allegeOregon Live 07/12/2015
A quarter of British bird species petikat riskpetikThe Telegraph 03/12/2015
African grey parrot numbers plummet by 99 per cent in GhanaNew Scientist 23/11/2015
Care About Wildlife? Here’s Why You Should Kick the Bottled Water Habit TodayOne Green Planet 18/11/2015
Success Stories: Times are changing for wildlife traders in IndonesiaJakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) 19/11/2015
Indonesiapetiks songbirds need to be saved to singThe Sydney Morning Herald 07/11/2015
Newly hatched Lorikeet chicksUtopia Birds 2015
19,000: Birds for Sale in Jakarta’s Biggest MarketsThe New York Times 23/10/2015
How the Illegal Pet Trade is Devastating Wild Bird Populations in IndonesiaThe Citizen Daily 13/10/2015
The bird thatpetiks more valuable than ivoryBBC 12/10/2015
The Life of BirdsPublic Broadcasting Service October 2015
A New Chance for ConservationLincoln Park Zoo 08/10/2015
Disappearance of SongbirdsMFAME 07/10/2015
Asian Songbird Trade Crisis Summit calls on regional governments to shut down illegal bird marketsTRAFFIC 02/10/2015
Imprisoned and sold: The endangered songbirds kept in rusty cages in Indonesiapetiks marketsExpress 25/09/2015
Indonesia’s Booming Bird Markets Put Songbirds at RiskNational Geographic 25/09/2015
Why donpetikt you ever see baby pigeons?BBC 08/09/2015
Illegal trade pushing the Critically Endangered Black-winged Myna Acridotheres melanopterus towards imminent extinctionBird Conservation International Aug 2015
Prevent Birds from Hitting WindowsEcology 28/08/2015
Saving the Bali StarlingWildlife Articles07/08/2015
Happy Birthday to You, You Live in a Zoo!Bali Discovery 26/7/2015
Chester Zoo: walk with the animalsThe Guardian 25/07/2015
Six conservation causes you should know aboutThe Guardian 24/07/2015
When the Cat Comes Back, with PreyThe New York Times 24/07/2015
Indonesia’s booming caged-bird trade is fueling trafficking and threatening extinctionMongabay 25/06/2015
Jepang Sumbang Lagi "Curik" Bali ke IndonesiaANTARA News 11/06/2015
Threatened Asian Songbird Alliance (TASA) fighting against bird trapping in IndonesiaEAZA 09/06/2015
Defending Nature PodcastRare Bird Alert on Talking Naturally 09/06/2015
Awak KM Tidar Gagalkan Penyelundupan Puluhan Kakatuadetiknews 07/06/2015
World Environment Day 2015 - Message from Dr Jane GoodallYouTube IUCN 04/06/2015
Intelligent birds deprived of their freedom in a horrifying inhuman wayFacebook Begawan Foundation 28/05/2015
A Mynah Violation of the LawBali Discovery (*) 24/05/2015
Tougher laws reduce wildlife trade petikcan backfirepetikUniversity of Oxford 19/05/2015
Smuggler caught in Indonesia with rare birds jammed inside water bottlesThe Guardian 06/05/2015
Identifying species imperiled by the wildlife trade may require a trip to the marketPrinceton University 05/05/2015
Feathery fossils peg early birds to even earlier dateBBC News 05/05/2015
The Cost of Keeping Wild Birds as PetsTake Part 30/04/2015
Jakartapetiks Notorious Wildlife MarketsThe Jakarta Post 18/04/2015
Man fined $1,000 for trying to sell protected birds to undercover agentLA Times 14/04/2015
Striking a Healthy Balance in BaliBali Discovery 12/04/2015
Ep. 1 - Jalak BaliYouTube Berita BumiHijau 09/03/2015
The 16 most amazing bird nestsBBC Mar 2015
Darwin’s iconic finches join genome clubNature 11/02/2015
Bar-headed geese: Highest bird migration trackedBBC News 15/01/2015
Australia migratory bird levels plunge from Asia developmentNews24 14/01/2015
Falcon Hunters Become Fervent PreservationistsThe New York Times 04/01/2015
13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015USA Today 02/01/2015
Tackling alien invadersWorldBirdwatch Dec 2014
Tiger and wild cat trade from Myanmar to China growingBBC News 22/12/2014
Tougher Laws to Protect AnimalSouth China Morning Post 17/12/2014
Why Is Conservation So Much Harder in Indonesia Than Elsewhere?Jakarta Globe 12/12/2014
The evolution of birds: A history of birds in 48 genomesThe Economist 12/12/2014
On U.S. Visit, Prince William Takes Aim at Wildlife TraffickingNational Geographic 08/12/2014
Wildlife crime wanted list releasedBBC News 17/11/2014
Pelihara Satwa Liar Justru Merugikan AlamNational Geographic Indonesia08/11/2014
Keeper Documents Rare Starlingpetiks GrowthZooBorns 0511/2014
Indonesiapetiks First Lady wants to be her own womanThe Straits Times 27/10/2014
Tomorrowpetiks cities: The zoo where the humans are enclosedBBC News 15/10/2014
Wish You Werenpetikt Here: Wildlife Tourist Attractions To AvoidHuffington Post 09/10/2014
Living Planet Report 2014WWF Panda Sept 2014
Say no to horns: Singapore Zoo launches rhino conservation campaignChannel News Asia 19/09/2014
Cockatoos teach tool-making tricksBBC News 02/09/2014
Bird Collisions with Glass and BuildingsAmerican Bird Conservancy2014
Madagascar pochard, worldpetiks rarest bird, needs new homeBBC News 25/08/2014
Sniffer dogs help to stop wildlife crimeWWF 20/08/2014
Birds could crash airport plan for Thames EstuaryCountry Life 13/08/2014
Idul Fitri Holiday Tourist told to love protected animalsThe Jakarta Post 31/07/2014
Don’t Let All of Indonesia’s Birds Become Mythical CreaturesJakartaGlobe 30/06/2014
Famous Environmentalist Jane Goodall praises Bali starling conservation effortsBali News View 17/06/2014
Greg Hunt calls for eradication of feral cats that kill 75m animals a nightThe Australian 02/06/2014
The invisible killer threatening million of migrating birdsBBC News 21/05/2014
Bali Starling, The IconBegawan Foundationpetiks Official YouTube 30/04/2014
Sibang: A conservation area for Bali starlingsBali Daily 22/04/2014
Saving the Bali starlingThe Jakarta Post 22/04/2014
Saving Balipetiks Starling: Four More Bali Starlings Released to the Wilds at Sibang Breeding and Release SiteBali Discovery Tours Newsletter 20/04/2014
Bali Starling Release: Welcome Earth Day with the Sibang Kaja CommunityBegawan Foundationpetiks Official Facebook Page 14/04/2014
Empty Forest Syndrome: How Wildlife Is Disappearing From IndonesiaThe Jakarta Globe 13/04/2014
More Bali starlings to be releasedBali Daily 28/03/2014
Indonesian clerics issue fatwa to protect wildlifeYahoo! News UK 06/03/2014
The Worldpetiks Largest Solar Plant is Frying Birdsinhabitat 19/02/2014
State of the Worldpetiks BirdsBirdLife International Jan 2014
Bali Starlings arrive at AmankilaAmanresorts Facebook 23/12/2013
Tighter Rules for Starling TradeJakarta Globe10/12/2013
Why Birds Live So LongLafeber 14/11/2013
Bird LoversNawie Wildlife 19/09/2013
Npetikkisi: Talking Parrot Genius and PsychicHubPages 12/06/2013
Why did dinosaurs evolve feathers?The Guardian 05/16/2013
Once upon a time, in a land before pesticide, wildlife was so abundantThe Independent 17/04/2013
Hopping BirdsMoment of Science 27/09/2013
Bali Starlings CampaignIndiegogo 2013
Chester Zoo helps Bali starling release projectBBC UK 04/03/2013
Zoo release rare bird back into wildJMU Journalism 03/03/2013
Rare bird returned to Baliactforwildlife 01/03/2013
Bali Starling 01/03/2013
Hopping in birds: Is the choice of gait influenced by cervical mobility and field of vision?Nitte University Journal of Health Science March 2013
Illegally owned Bali Starlings seizedThe Beat 22/02/2013
Green School and the Begawan FoundationYouTube 21/02/2013
Cats killing billions of animals in the USBBC News 29/01/2013
Balinese Starling’s Theft Triggered by High Selling PriceThe Bali Times 12/11/2012
Delapan Ekor Jalak Bali Dilepas ke Alam BebasTempo 06/11/2012
Pelepasliaran jalak bali di Badung, pelepasan kali pertama di luar habitat aseliKlub Burung 05/11/2012
Delapan Jalak Bali Dilepas Ke AlamANTARA News 05/11/2012
Pencurian Marak, Populasi Jalak Bali Terus MenurunKompas 05/11/2012
Begawan Foundation Releases Endangered Bali Starlings at Green SchoolAsia Today 05/11/2012
Flying Free: Eight Bali Starlings were Released at Green SchoolKompas 05/11/2012
Five Bali Starlings released back into wildThe Jakarta Post 04/04/2012
Bali StarlingYouTube Glenn Chickering 01/12/2011
Returning the Bali Starling to the wildInternational Congress of Zookeepers 12/11/2011
Bali Begawan Foundation Establishes Captive Breeding Center for the Endangered Bali StarlingsBali Discovery 13/11/2011
Bali Starling Breeding Center OpenedThe Jakarta Post 09/11/2011
Begawan Foundation Established Jalak Bali Conservation Bali Sky Tour09/11/2011
Pusat Penangkaran Jalak Bali DiresmikanKompas 08/11/2011
Rare Balinese Starlings return to BaliPetshipping27/10/2011
Rothschildpetiks Mynah - The First Hundred YearsShuker Nature 19/10/2011
SCTV feature on Begawan FoundationSCTV (Indonesia)02/10/2011
Durrell starlings spread their wings to take part in breeding programme in their native island of BaliDurrell29/09/2011
Twenty Bali starlings to be released into habitatBali Sky Tour11/08/2011
20 Endangered Bali Starlings from the European Union Return to Bali Island, Their Hometownhotisu@bali07/08/2011
Bali Mynah conservation strip adWildlife Reserves30/05/2011
Less Rare is Well Done for Bali’s Begawan FoundationBalidiscovery.com14/05/2011
Flying FreeThe Jakarta Post25/02/2011
A New Hope and Home for Endangered Bali Starling at Green SchoolABC Carbon Blog06/09/2010
Saving The Bali StarlingiWild.org09/04/2010
Bali Starling Brought Back from The Edge of Extinction - A Project Worth SupportingZoo News Digest29/03/2010
The Little White Bird That’s Worth Its Weight in GoldBali Advertiser22/02/2010
Jurong Bird Park Bid to Rescue Bali MynahWildsingapore.com02/01/2010
Wildlife TraffickingSmithsonian Mag 12/2009
City birds sing higher than country cousins, scientists findThe Guardian 03/06/2009
Wild Java in a cageGeographicalMay 2009
Activist Plan Program to Fight Mynah PoachersThe Jakarta Post22/02/2007
Released Bali Mynah Find Safe Home in Nusa PenidaThe Jakarta Post22/02/2007
The Paradox of The Bali StarlingBali Advertiser2002
Endangered Bali starling cries for helpThe Jakarta Post06/03/2001

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