School Presentations

Our target is to give introduce Begawan Foundation and its activities to as many students as possible at all school levels from kindergarten to senior high school.

We take every opportunity to introduce our programs to students, introducing them to the plight of the critically endangered Bali Starling. We also give students knowledge on birds' roles in the ecosystem and the Bali Starling's significance as the icon of the island of Bali. We have even found that teachers are not aware of birds' importance to the environment and that poaching birds from the wild for the pet trade is not a sustainable practice. 

In 2016, we presented to several different schools. To celebrate World Environment Day in early June of that year, we gave a whole school presentation to 190 students of SDN4 Sibang Gede, who listened enthusiastically to a presentation and watching two of our locally produced films about Begawan Foundation and the Bali Starling Conservation Project. Following this presentation, we completed our 10-week education program with both the grade 5 and grade 4 classes. The grade 4 class created beautiful, original artwork inspired by the Bali Starling, which was auctioned off to raise money for our education program at our special event 'A Starling Night' at Big Tree Farms. 

At SMPN 3 Abiansemal, over 500 Year 7 students attended a presentation from Begawan Foundation as part of their orientation week. Thanks to the initiative of Canggu Community School's grade 6 class, a presentation was given to all their primary school students. In February 2017, staff had the opportunity to present to all the primary and pre-school students at Montessori Bali's campus in Canggu. 

Our 10-week programs are known to all schools in our local villages. However, we still take the opportunity where possible to meet with those students who have yet to participate in a class program. Interactive presentations have been met with interest, and we have seen that some students, as well as learning about our conservation programs, take the opportunity to join in our after-school activities.  

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