Tri Hita Karana Nugraha

The Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana - harmony among fellow human beings, harmony towards God, and harmony with the environment, all of which if really adhered to are the mainstays of life, forms the basis of an award given annually to a small variety of institutions here in Bali.

Begawan Foundation, on April 1st, was one of the eight proud recipients of a Tri Hita Karana Nugraha Awards for 2015. The award, containing universal values whose concept and implementation does not discriminate in terms of ethnic group, race, ancestry and religion, was given by a selection committee, led by Bali Travel News.

Begawan Foundation is pleased to be acknowledged by the Balinese themselves for the work undertaken over the past 16 years by Bradley and Debbie, who were referred to as ‘pioneers’ in the work of saving the Bali Starling.




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