Wish List

The goods that we need the most!
Begawan Foundation has received practical support since its establishment In 1999, provided in part through volunteers and through donations of goods and services. 

Our activities cover taking good care of various indigenous Indonesian birds including feeding and medical treatment, working with local community Bali Starling foster parents, welcoming visitors and students to site, educating students at local community schools, involving local Eco-Warriors in activities that give them opportunities to think confidently – just to name a few.

‘The Bali Starling Conservation Project’ was our first project. To complement our mission, education and health projects in the surrounding community were also undertaken. Now, some years later our programs include nurturing the children of our local community and demonstrating life values, through games, discussion, and sharing activities that encompass Learning by Doing, that will benefit them as they take their place within their community.

Awareness through education in the community is an ongoing program at Begawan Foundation’s Learning Centre, where students participate in a number of different activities, held every weekday afternoon.

The increase in projects in both conservation and education have required us to provide more and more facilities and equipment, and thus every little item or donation will help us to run these programmes. Take a look at our wish list:


  1. Mesh wire for repairing bird enclosures
  2. (Wall) paint for enclosure maintenance
  3. USB borescope cameras to peek into nest boxes
  4. Cage facilities: water container, food container, incubator, pressure sprayer, small cage, hose
  5. Food for the birds: papayas, bananas, carrots, crickets, mealworms, ant eggs (kroto), long beans, green bean sprouts, sweet potatos, corn, sugar cane, red capsicums, coconut sugar granules


  1. Learning Centre furnishings such as small tables, chairs, gardening and cooking equipment
  2. Musical instruments: guitar, drum, keyboard
  3. Books – for those still learning to read, and those who have mastered the skill
  4. School supplies and stationary items
  5. Board games, playing cards
  6. Laptops and/or computers
  7. LCD Projector
  8. Printer
  9. Tablets for students in class activities 
  10. Kitchen utensils
  11. Cleaning and gardening tools
  12. Craft materials for children (pens, crayons, paints, brushes, drawing books, flipchart paper, origami paper, clay, recycled fabric)
  13. Fabric for sarongs for our dance troupe
  14. Photo frames for students’ drawings or posters
  15. Biscuits and fruit for the after-school programs

Donations for Begawan Foundation can be dropped off at 

Begawan Foundation Office
Banjar Pengaji No. 14 Desa Melinggih Kelod
Kecamatan Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572
Phone +62 361 900 1326

Should you prefer to donate cash, please contact us for the cost of your selected item.

Thank you for your support!


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